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Articles for topic: Menopause


6 Reasons Why Menopause Symptoms Change

Menopause is not one thing, it is an ever changing journey and that means symptoms are not constant but why is it happening to you?


How Vaginal Atrophy Can Affect You

This can affect up to 50% of menopausal women. It’s important to be able to recognise the symptoms and changes that can develop in order to be able to effectively treat it.


10 Common Menopause Symptoms & Tips to Help

Not sure if your symptoms are menopausal or not? Here’s the list of what most women experience at this time of life.


What Signs of Oestrogen Dominance Do You Have?

Are you putting on weight, or getting tender breasts? There are many signs of oestrogen dominance and hormone imbalance so check the list to see what may be affecting you.


Do You Need Testosterone?

Despite celebrity endorsements this is not a hormone to be taken lightly, so do you need it?


Surfing the Silver Tsunami

Want some help with healthy ageing? Nutritionist Patrick Holford shares what can make a real difference.


Perimenopause – What’s It All About?

Do you know if your symptoms mean you are in perimenopause?


10 Myths About Menopause – True or False?

How much do you really know about Menopause? There are some common misunderstandings here you may recognise.


How Eat Your Way To A Healthier Menopause

You are what you eat is certainly a very familiar saying, but did you realise what a difference your diet could make to your symptoms at Menopause?


Are You Still Having Symptoms Post Menopause?

Most women think that post menopause their troubling hormonal symptoms will disappear, but sadly this is not true for everyone.