Articles for topic: Menopause


10 Effects of Menopause on the Body

It’s not just your hormones that are affected, so what else might be going on?


Which hormone or hormones might you need?

Women need hormone balance from puberty to post menopause but how do you know what you might need?


What Signs of Oestrogen Dominance Do You Have?

Just what is oestrogen dominance and how can it be affecting you?


Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Post Menopause

Post Menopause does not always mean symptom free, so here’s some help for staying hormone healthy.


Hot Flushes – Why Me?

Some women never get them, but could your brain, as well as your hormones, be responsible for those flushes?


Progesterone’s Role In Helping With UTI’s

At menopause urinary tract infections are more common, and once again it is down to the changing hormone levels, but natural help is at hand.


Unusual Symptoms Of Menopause

Women often ask about symptoms when they are not sure if they are menopausal or not, so do any of these apply to you?


4 Reasons, and Solutions, For Perimenopause Weight Gain

It’s got to be one of the least welcomed changes at menopause, but help is here for hormonal weight gain.


Why Progesterone Is Just as Important as Oestrogen

Women are told they have no need for progesterone after a hysterectomy or as they get older, but bioidentical experts clearly disagree.


What Killer Whales and Menopausal Women Have in Common

Here’s news of an interesting link between the reproductive patterns of women and some types of whales.