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Articles for topic: Menopause


Perimenopause – What’s It All About?

Do you know if your symptoms mean you are in perimenopause?


10 Myths About Menopause – True or False?

How much do you really know about Menopause? There are some common misunderstandings here you may recognise.


How Eat Your Way To A Healthier Menopause

You are what you eat is certainly a very familiar saying, but did you realise what a difference your diet could make to your symptoms at Menopause?


Are You Still Having Symptoms Post Menopause?

Most women think that post menopause their troubling hormonal symptoms will disappear, but sadly this is not true for everyone.


Symptoms of Menopause from 40 to 65

Don’t panic, you may get some, all, or none of these symptoms but it’s good to be prepared!


A Little Exercise = Bigger Benefits For Midlife Women

You know it’s true, but did you realise how even a very small amount of exercise can make such a huge difference to your waistline and your health?


7 Key Foods For A Flatter Belly

Weight gain and bloating are major problems at menopause. As well as using bioidentical natural progesterone to help reduce it, you could add in these other great little helpers.


What’s the Cause of Your Pelvic Pain?

Most women experience this at some point, but do you know why?


Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Post Menopause

Post Menopause does not always mean symptom free, so here’s some help for staying hormone healthy.


Help For A Low Libido

1 in 3 women can have problems with libido and it’s not always related to menopause.