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Articles for topic: Menopause


Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Post Menopause

Post Menopause does not always mean symptom free, so here’s some help for staying hormone healthy.


Help For A Low Libido

1 in 3 women can have problems with libido and it’s not always related to menopause.


9 Effects of Menopause on the Body

It’s not just your hormones that are affected, so what else might be going on?


Can Testosterone Help Women?

Testosterone is often in the news, but although it can be helpful, there are many precautions associated with it. However, it can have a more subtle effect on behaviour than previously thought.


What Are The Best Times to Drink Water?

Whatever the weather, you need good hydration and it can affect you in so many ways if you are dehydrated.


10 Best Anti-Ageing Foods for Skin and Body at Menopause & Beyond

Beautiful, glowing skin starts with how we eat, but these anti-ageing foods can also help with more than that.


Hot Flushes – Why Me?

Some women never get them, but is it ‘all in your head‘ and could your brain be responsible for those flushes?


Dealing with Early Menopause

Menopause is an inevitable transition, but when it occurs early there may be a number of factors involved.


When Will My Menopause Start?

There are several factors which make a difference to when your menopause starts, and not all of them are in your control.


The ABC of Staying Healthy Post Menopause

 There are a number of steps at postmenopause you can take to stay healthy and feel better.