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Unexpected Signs of Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation can show up in different ways and some of them may surprise you. 


Dietary Help For Inflammation

Symptoms of inflammation can be uncomfortable but you can help by paying attention to your hormone balance and diet.


11 Worst Foods for High Blood Pressure

Often high blood pressure and Menopause seem to go together, but could changing your diet help reduce it?


Has COVID Affected Your Hormones?

A new study suggests Covid-related stress may have caused millions of women to suffer irregular periods and hormonal upsets.


Menopause: 11 Things Every Woman Should Know

Do you have questions about menopause? Look no further.


10 Foods to Help You Ease Bloating

One sign of hormone imbalance can be bloating, so here is some extra help from your diet.


Mediterranean Diet For Weight Loss And Stronger Bones

Women at risk for osteoporosis and osteopenia can do a lot to help themselves, and a healthy diet is a good first step.


10+ Ways to Help Brain Fog

Not thinking as clearly as you would like to? Here are some healthy suggestions that can help.


PCOS – Are You Affected?

I hear from a number of women with PCOS, and the devastating consequences, so if you are not sure about this condition here is some valuable information.


A Little Exercise = Bigger Benefits For Midlife Women

You know it’s true, but did you realise how even a very small amount of exercise can make such a huge difference to your waistline and your health?