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What Killer Whales and Menopausal Women Have in Common

Here’s news of an interesting link between the reproductive patterns of women and some types of whales.


3 Myths About Bioidentical HRT And Cancer Risks

I am often asked whether there is any research relating to bioidentical hormones and cancer risk, so I have called on the expertise of Labrix Laboratories to shed some light on the subject.


Does Having Your Mother’s Genes Make You Selfish?

Social behaviour is directly related to how our female ancestors spread out a long, long time ago.


Worried About Osteoporosis? Avoid A High Protein Diet

A link has been made between a diet high in animal protein and a loss in bone density in older women.


Medical Misinformation Is Old News

Do you always believe what you see in the media? There can be many ways to ‘spin’ a story, particularly when related to health, so you need to learn to read between the lines.


Why HRT Prescribing Has Fallen in the last 5 years

A study undertaken at Stanford University in California found that women who take HRT for more than five years double their risk of suffering breast cancer for every 12 months they spend taking it.


Traumatic Brain Injuries May Be Helped by Progesterone

New research done at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, is recommending that progesterone is a viable treatment option for traumatic brain injuries.


Bone Density At Risk With Some Birth Control Pills

Teenagers starting to use oral contraception may be putting their long-term bone health at risk.


What Factors Affect When A Girl Begins Menstruating?

It may seem completely arbitrary, but according to a new UK study it is genetics that are the key to the age at which girls start their periods.


Pine Pollen – Boost Testosterone and Balance Hormones

Men, and women, who are looking to increase their testosterone levels could benefit from learning about this natural supplement.