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How to Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid)

Weight gain can have a number of causes, but could your thyroid be a factor?


How Do I Know if I Have a Thyroid Problem?

At menopause thyroid issues become more common, so here’s what to look for.


Exercises for an Underactive Thyroid

Many women have thyroid problems at Menopause, and progesterone supports thyroid function, but could these ideas help too?


How Bioidentical Natural Progesterone Helps With Low Thyroid

Women, especially those over age 50, are more likely to have issues with their thyroid and often the symptoms are missed because they are seen as just part of what you can expect at menopause.


Unexplained Fatigue: Could your Thyroid have the Answer?

Low thyroid function affects ten times more women than men but the right help can boost energy and health.


Low Thyroid? Here are the Best Ways to Help You Lose Weight

Weight gain and low thyroid can go hand in hand, and are more common at menopause. An action plan to kick start hormone related weight gain starts here.


Hypothyroidism and Depression

Many women are on thyroid medication at Menopause, but did you realise that thyroid also can affect your mood?


How Your Diet Affects Your Thyroid

Bioidentical progesterone supports thyroid function and can be extremely helpful, but did you know that everyday dietary items can also make a difference?


12 Surprising Signs Of Thyroid Problems

At menopause many women find they have thyroid issues and medication for it so it can help to know the potential signs you can experience.


Is Your Thyroid Giving You Problems?

Having a good thyroid function is essential to help with hormone balance.