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The Key Role of Progesterone in Fertility, Conception and Maintaining A Pregnancy

Essential information for anyone wanting to start a family, or who has experienced previous difficulty in maintaining a pregnancy.


2 Key Reasons Why Young Women Also Need Bioidentical Hormones

Supplementing with bioidentical progesterone can help with PMS, PCOS, anovulatory cycles, irregular or heavy periods and to support fertility and prevent miscarriage.


Premature Birth Connected To Low Vitamin D and Progesterone Levels In Pregnancy

Good progesterone levels are essential for a healthy pregnancy and birth, but lacking this essential vitamin can have serious effects.


‘Baby Blues’ or Depression? How You Can Help

It’s not just young women who suffer ‘baby blues’ after giving birth, but a study has revealed a surprisingly high number of them have more serious depressive symptoms.


Progesterone Recommended by NICE to Prevent Early Miscarriage

Good progesterone levels are essential for fertility, a healthy pregnancy and reducing the risk for miscarriage.


Endometriosis A Cause Of Infertility In 50% Of Women

If you have a history of this condition, and looking to start a family, this is valuable information you need to know.


How Couples Can Improve Their Fertility

A concern for many couples, hormones play their part but diet is equally important for fertility issues.


Fertility & The Mediterranean Diet

If you are planning a family there are a number of key factors that influence your success – good progesterone levels are essential, but so too is your diet.


Help in Preventing Miscarriages

Dr Shirley Bond shares her experience on why a miscarriage can occur and why low progesterone levels can be a factor.



Risk Of Osteoporosis A New Danger For Younger Women

Thought of as an older persons problem, osteoporosis is now a threat to the younger generation and it is their diet that could be to blame.