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Menopause and Bladder Control

It happens to most of us, and it’s no laughing matter.


What Are Kegels, and Why Should I Do Them?

Over time our pelvic muscles can weaken, and that can mean problems for your bladder, so here is some help.


Food and Drink to Help an Overactive Bladder

An over active bladder can be problematic but did you realise how much difference your diet can make?


Progesterone’s Role In Helping With UTI’s

At menopause urinary tract infections are more common, and once again it is down to the changing hormone levels, but natural help is at hand.


Do You Have Dryness, Vaginal Atrophy or Vaginitis?

Vaginal dryness and discomfort is a fact of menopausal life for many women, but it is best to know exactly what you have and how to deal with it.


Just What Is Menopause?

Do you really know what to expect at menopause? If you are not sure, this article can help.


Could You Have A Urinary Tract Infection?

Bladder infections – or urinary tract infections (UTIs) – are common during the menopause and are caused by a bacterial infection.


Why Do I Pee So Much at Night?

Does your bladder nag you out of bed overnight? There are many possible causes, so check these out.


How An Overactive Bladder Can Cause Emotional Problems

You know about the physical problems with bladder leakage, but don’t underestimate the effect it has on your emotional life too.


How Your Vagina Changes as You Age

Once you get close to menopause it doesn’t look or function the same as it did when you were younger.