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Articles for topic: hormones


Why PMS Can Strike At Any Age

Over 35? Then you could still be at risk of PMS and those symptoms you thought you had left behind long ago.


Do You Know The 4 Key Differences Between Progesterone and Progestins?

Progestins/progestogens are linked to increased breast cancer risk in recent research so do you know the difference between them and the natural hormone progesterone?


Do You Need Testosterone?

Despite celebrity endorsements this is not a hormone to be taken lightly, so do you need it?


The 5 Top Misconceptions About Menopause & Bioidentical Progesterone

Dr Jeffrey Dach tackles head-on the damaging misinformation about bioidentical natural hormones and some of the misconceptions that are still being given as ‘fact’.


PMS & Bioidentical Progesterone

PMS can be a very distressing condition, so here’s some advice from a woman who has experienced it and knows what worked for her.


Help For A Low Libido

1 in 3 women can have problems with libido and it’s not always related to menopause.


Can Testosterone Help Women?

Testosterone is often in the news, but although it can be helpful, there are many precautions associated with it. However, it can have a more subtle effect on behaviour than previously thought.


2 Key Reasons Why Young Women Also Need Bioidentical Hormones

Not just for menopause, as supplementing with bioidentical progesterone can help with PMS, PCOS, anovulatory cycles, irregular or heavy periods and to support fertility and prevent miscarriage.


7 Helpful Tips For A Sensitive Bladder

If you feel your bladder is out of control, here’s some practical help.


Identifying the Top 10 Causes of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

At perimenopause increased bleeding can become more common as oestrogen dominance and hormone imbalance start being experienced. Knowing why it is happening, and what you can do about it, can make a lot of difference.