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Your Breast Pain Questions Answered

Anyone can get the occasional pain in the breast area, and these are some of the more common reasons you may experience it.


Can Bioidentical Progesterone Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions, and it was answered by the late Dr John Lee and Dr David Zava in their book ‘What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer.’


8 Ways To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Whether you have a known family risk for breast cancer or not it makes sense to be aware of how to stay healthy and minimise risk as much as possible.


Bioidentical Hormones & Cancer

I am frequently asked by women who have a history of cancer whether bio identical hormones are safe to use so Dr Tony Coope shares his view.


Do You Know The 4 Key Differences Between Progesterone and Progestins?

Progestins/progestogens are linked to increased breast cancer risk in recent research so do you know the difference between them and the natural hormone progesterone?


Breast Cancer and Menopause – What Are The Risks?

Certain factors increase the risk of developing breast cancer and menopause may not be one of them, so what is?


Best Foods for Healthy Breasts

Checking for lumps is part of the monthly routine for many women, but did you realise how big an impact your diet can have on breast health?


Your Diet & Breast Cancer

A healthy diet helps your whole body, but did you know it can be good to reduce your cancer risk too?


The 12 Best Diet Items For Breast Health

Women are naturally concerned about the risk for breast cancer, but did you know your diet could have a part to play?


Breast Cancer And Progesterone

Bioidentical doctors have been saying for years how protective progesterone is for breast cancer. Now research seems to have ‘discovered’ it but are we talking about the same thing?