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Do You Have Dryness, Vaginal Atrophy or Vaginitis?

Vaginal dryness and discomfort is a fact of menopausal life for many women, but it is best to know exactly what you have and how to deal with it.


Why Older Women Have Less Sex: It’s Not As Simple As You Think

It’s not easy to talk about, but there can be a number of reasons you may not have considered.


Just What Is Menopause?

Do you really know what to expect at menopause? If you are not sure, this article can help.


9 Ways Your Vagina Changes as You Age

Ageing is inevitable and menopause can bring some unwelcome changes to your body.


Are You Bleeding After Sex?

Any unlooked for bleeding can certainly be worrying, and here are some things to check if you are concerned.


Best Foods To Boost Libido

Looking for natural ways to boost your libido? These can help increase testosterone and raise your mood.


Sex and the Menopause

Your libido and interest in sex can change at menopause, for both physical and emotional reasons.


What Is Vaginal Atrophy?

Dryness at Menopause is fairly common but would you know if it was atrophy rather than dryness?