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Articles for topic: cancer


Does Menopause Make Ovarian Cancer More Likely?

Many women are concerned about breast cancer, but in the UK ovarian cancer is the 6th most common cancer.


Bioidentical Hormones & Cancer

I am frequently asked by women who have a history of cancer whether bio identical hormones are safe to use so Dr Tony Coope shares his view.


Your Guide to Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer is the 4th most common cancer in the UK, and the risk increases with age, so it pays to know the signs to look for.


3 Myths About Bioidentical HRT And Cancer Risks

I am often asked whether there is any research relating to bioidentical hormones and cancer risk, so I have called on the expertise of Labrix Laboratories to shed some light on the subject.


What Can Cause Postmenopausal Bleeding?

Once menopause is over, no bleeding should be expected so, if it is occurring, here are some possible causes.


Do You Know the Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer?

When detected at an early stage, the 5-year survival rate for women with invasive cervical cancer is 92%.


10 Conditions That Affect Men and Women Differently

Apart from the obvious, there are some health related differences you might not be aware of too.


Top Cancer-Fighting Foods

Staying healthy is all about the right diet and lifestyle, so these are great choices to help you do that.


Overweight Men Have Increased Prostate Cancer Risk

Carrying excess weight isn’t good for women, and not for men either.


Conditions that affect men and women differently

We know men and women are different – but did you realise how that affects your health too?