5 Top Tips For Getting The Most From Your Hormone Cream

Whether a first time user, or already convinced of the value and benefit of using bioidentical hormones, there are a few simple rules that will help you get the most out of your cream.


1. Always start with double the dose

When starting to use hormone creams you need to establish good hormone levels to start dealing with your symptoms, and a double dose of cream for at least the first month will help you do that.

2. Make sure you are on the right application regime

Don’t assume that because you and your friends are the same age that your regime will be the same as theirs. If you have been menstruating regularly and then start skipping the odd period you are probably going into perimenopause. That means switching from 14-28 day application to days 1-24 to help with the changing hormone levels so always check before you begin using the cream.

3. Check you are rotating the application areas daily

When applying to the skin you want to get maximum absorption of the hormone and for this you need to apply to a different thin skinned and fatty tissue area daily. For example the right arm is thin tissue on the lower part and fatty tissue on the upper so that is one days’ application and then move to a different area the following day.

If you apply to the same area over and over again the hormone receptors will become saturated and less hormone can be absorbed. If using vaginal application this does not apply as the cream then goes straight into the bloodstream.

4. Know what factors can make symptoms worse

Everyone has different triggers so noting what brings on a flush, or more extreme PMS or similar symptoms, will help you try to minimise or avoid that. The most common trigger is stress which seriously affects your hormones. But alcohol, some drugs such as Tamoxifen, food allergies and wearing clothing that is not loose and cool can all bring on a flush.

5. Use the right cream for your symptoms

From puberty to post menopause it is natural progesterone in a cream like Wellsprings Serenity that most women need to rebalance their hormones to deal with PMS, fertility, menopause and osteoporosis. However at certain times oestrogen is also needed, and the safest way to take this is in a combination cream where the oestrogen is well balanced by progesterone.

Women helped by a combination cream, such as Wellsprings 20-1, are those with the following conditions:

* vaginal dryness

* severe symptoms not fully controlled by progesterone alone

* had a hysterectomy

* HRT use

* where there are no signs of oestrogen dominance

Combination creams help with these conditions but as a precaution they are not advised for women who have any medical or family history where oestrogen is not suitable.

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