How To Most Effectively Use Bioidentical Hormone Creams

How and where to use bioidentical hormone creams are questions that come up frequently and here Dr Bond explains why correct application and usage is so important.


I know I am supposed to rotate the cream, but I am not quite sure what this means?

Simply, it means that you do not want to put the cream onto the same place every day. Most women who are using the cream experiment to find their own routine, but a simple way is to think of using it where it can be easily absorbed.  This includes different areas of the body, fatty tissue where absorption is slower and stays in the body longer, and thinner areas where it is more quickly absorbed, but not so long lasting but can bring faster relief for hot flushes for example.

Every day you want to put the cream in a different place. You could start on day one with the face, then on other days use the neck, palms of the hands, lower arms, stomach, buttocks, lower back or inner thighs.  That will give you more than seven different places to put the cream, and as there are seven days in the week it should work out.  Also the cream can be used internally as one of the rotation sites and is particularly useful for women suffering from vaginal dryness.

Also splitting the dose so you are having half in the morning and half in the evening usually helps absorption, unless you are specifically directed otherwise.

However hard I rub the cream in, it doesn’t seem to be fully absorbed. Am I doing something wrong?

You do not need to rub, the cream is absorbed easily with a light touch, just like a moisturizing cream.

Is there a limit on how long I can use bioidentical natural progesterone?

There is no limit to the length of time you can use natural progesterone, provided that you are using it in a physiological dosage between 20-40mg a day and at the right time.  This means on the correct days of your menstrual cycle, if you still have one, or having a few days without the progesterone each month if you are menopausal.

Can you use too much cream?

When using a bioidentical progesterone cream you would have to rub in half a tub a day to produce the same amount that a woman’s body makes naturally per day during pregnancy.  As the instructions for use suggest that a tub should last two months or so, depending on usage,  you can see it would be very hard to overdo it.  Even if you did there would be no ill-effects, just rather a waste of the cream.