Do Your Symptoms Need Oestrogen As Well As Progesterone?

Women need both these essential female hormones throughout their lives, but sometimes you need just progesterone and sometimes a combination of the two may be more helpful for your symptoms.


At menopause it is  common to have oestrogen dominance, particularly if there has been HRT use or you are over your normal weight.

However, there are some times when a little extra oestrogen is needed and this is best in a combination cream, such as 20-1, where it is balanced by progesterone.

If you are not sure if you do need oestrogen there are some common signs to look for.

Signs Of Oestrogen Deficiency

* Depression and anxiety
* Dull, dry, skin and eyes
* Loss of firmness, fullness and elasticity in the breasts
* Pain or discomfort on intercourse
* Reduced stamina
* Vaginal dryness

You do need to be aware of your own symptoms when choosing a hormone cream as, although there is plenty of information on their use, it is you alone who really know what your symptoms are and how severe. If you are not sure about oestrogen dominance, these are some of the common signs.

Signs Of Oestrogen Dominance

* Breast tenderness
* Breasts swollen, increased in size
* Impatient, irritable behaviour
* Water retention particularly of the belly, wrists, fingers, ankles
* Weight gain when nothing has changed in your diet or exercise

Helpful information

Combined progesterone and oestrogen creams can be very helpful for women who need a little oestrogen for help with depression, anxiety and more severe flushes and sweats not helped by progesterone alone.

Dr Jeffrey Dach of the USA recommends it not just for depression but also after a hysterectomy to replace both lost hormones naturally and without HRT.