The Power of Plants To Help You Naturally

If you are looking for some natural solutions for everyday ailments for yourself, or your family, then this new book could be just what you are looking for.


I have always been a fan of complementary medicine and a user of both herbal and homeopathic remedies for a variety of conditions throughout my adult life so a new book – The Power Of Plants by Diana Mossop – that suggests help from the natural world is always going to be of interest.

So many of our medicines that we take for granted come from plants and flowers that have grown all around us over hundreds of years and are the basis of our traditional folk remedies. The foxglove for instance gave us the heart medicine digoxin and the millions of aspirins consumed daily originate with the white willow bark. The beauty of such natural remedies from plants is that they work synergistically for instance, in the case of white willow bark it does not have the effect on the stomach that aspirin has because the plant contains all the elements to help with pain, and protect the stomach. When aspirin was developed it extracted just the powerful pain killing element but without the protection the natural willow bark provides.

The power of plants

Diana Mossop’s inspirational childhood led her to research the healing powers of plants and wild flowers. She was born in Africa where her parents were pioneer farmers and converted hundreds of square miles of virgin bush land into a farm. The nearest hospital was 100 miles away and her Mother had a handbook called ‘Medicine for the Intrepid Tropical Traveller’.

This undoubtedly set Diana on the path of using natural remedies, and whatever was locally available to help when illness struck. She has lived in Jersey for many years and developed her theories on healthcare first to help her own family, and through her extensive experience with clients worldwide. She has now made this valuable information available to everyone through ‘The Power of Plants’ which is a comprehensive guide to the holistic healing properties of wild flower essences studied and collected from the island hedgerows over many years.

She has carefully researched their healing capabilities and continues this research today as well as training over 7000 practitioners in the UK and worldwide. Her remedies can be used by anyone to provide support and to help effect physical and emotional change for ailments and illnesses.

The emotional aspect of illness

We are as humans are often guided more by our emotions than we care to admit; however we do know that when we are stressed or upset we are more prone to illness. This is particularly true at menopause when anxiety over our changing bodies and the onset of a new phase of life can affect many physical and emotional symptoms from hot flushes to sleeplessness and mood swings.

When we are becoming more and more concerned about the effects of synthetic hormones and powerful drugs on our long-term health, many are turning to more natural ways to take care of themselves and their families.

By investigating more traditional, well-researched, remedies we can gently and safely support our health through the natural flower, plant and tree formulas Diana Mossop has developed to help our everyday, and more serious, ailments from birth to a vibrant older age.

She established the Institute of Phytobiophysics in 1990 at the cutting edge of vibrational medicine and describes her mission, and that of her Institute, as

“to bring safe, affordable and ethical health care to the people of the world, and in particular, the children, using the natural resources of the planet; the infinite energy of flowers and plants.”