Natural Solutions For 4 Menopause Complaints

Expert nutritionist Patrick Holford offers safe, natural ways to solve over 75 health problems. Menopause is no exception, so see what he suggests that could help you.


This is the time of year as we approach autumn when many ordinary everyday illnesses start to re-emerge and in his ‘Good Medicine’ book Patrick Holford gives practical advice for those who value a nutrition-based, natural, approach to health.

I have known Patrick Holford for many years and his advice is always sound and well-researched. Every solution offered here has been tried and tested and can be used alongside conventional medical treatments so is suitable for everyone.

He offers 5-6 solutions and guidance for each condition, and how to make them work for you, as well as the best and worst foods that can help or hinder recovery. If you also get confused about what supplements would be best then he is an expert guide on what to take, when to take it, and how much really is optimal for health.


The everyday ailments are listed alphabetically and here are some brief extracts from his book on how to cope specifically with common conditions that can affect women at menopause:

Headaches and Migraines
There are many reasons for these including muscle tension, dehydration, allergic reactions and blood sugar dips. Suggestions include:

* best foods are fresh fruit, vegetables, whole unrefined foods and water

* worst foods are sugar, caffeinated drinks, alcohol and food allergies such as wheat and dairy

* best supplements are 2 x high potency multivitamin-minerals, 1000mg vitamin C and 2 x 5-HTP 50mg

* best foods are sour cherries or cherry concentrate drinks, chicken or turkey, seafood, green vegetables, nuts and seeds, milk products, eggs

* worst foods are sugar, refined ‘white’ foods, caffeinated drinks, alcohol

* best supplements are 2 x high potency multivitamin-minerals providing at least 50mg of B3, 20mg of vitamin B6, 200mg of folic acid, and 1000mg of vitamin C and 10mg of zinc. Plus 100mg 5-HTP an hour before bed and 1 x magnesium 300mg and 1 x Valerian 150-300mg. NB if you are on SSRI antidepressants, it is not advisable to take large doses of 5-HTP

* best foods are beans and chickpeas, vegetables – particularly broccoli, Chia seeds, dairy products, sesame seeds and tahini, oats, oily fish, soya and milk,Brazil nuts

* worst foods are caffeinated drinks, meat, sugar and carbonated, sugary drinks

* best supplements are 1 x bone mineral complex, with at least 400mg of calcium, 200mg of magnesium, 1mg of boron, 40mcg of vitamin K and 10mcg of vitamin D. Plus 2 x multivitamin-minerals, vitamins D 1000iu, 2 x vitamin C 1000mg

Weight Gain
* best foods are whole foods, oats and barley, vegetables, pulses, berries, cherries and plums, lean meat and fish, wholegrain pasta, brown rice, Quinoa, oatcakes, pumpernickel bread

* worst foods are sugar and sweetened drinks, refined carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, rice), chips and potatoes in excess, fried and fatty foods, bananas and grapes (these are high in sugar)

* best supplements are 2 x high potency multivitamin-minerals providing 10mg of zinc, 150mg of magnesium, plus B vitamins, 2 x vitamin C 1000mg, 2 x essential omegas with fish-oil-derived omega-3 and omega-six from b orate or evening primrose oil, 2 x chromium 200mcg, 3 x HCA, 2 x 5-HTP 50mg

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