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Help For A Low Libido

The Sex Drive Solution for Women: Dr. Jen’s Power Plan to Fire Up Your Libido as some ideas to help brighten up your life and lift your libido.


This is an issue that crops up frequently for many women at menopause and if you are looking for some help  then this new book should help.  Two experts have collaborated to pool their considerable experience and expertise to provide solutions and advice. Virginia Hopkins was Dr Lee’s co-author on many of his books on bioidentical natural progesterone and  her co-author on ‘The Sex Drive Solution for Women: Dr. Jen’s Power Plan to Fire Up Your Libido’is written byJennifer Landa, M.D – an expert in bioidentical hormones, and nutrition so you are in good hands.

There are many reasons for loss of libido ranging from hormone imbalance to emotional stress and Dr Shirley Bond and I used to address this issue often in our menopause seminars with practical advice ranging from supplementing with bioidentical progesterone to the plain fact that in long-term relationships the boredom factor can set in.

Dr Landa has personal experience with loss of sex drive, and like so many women juggles a busy life.  Her approach to restoring libido includes the happy side effects of weight loss and increased energy. It is written in a direct, down-to-earth style and among the range of topics they cover are:

▪   The “Genital Zones” plus what can go wrong and how to fix it.

▪   Libido-boosting herbs and supplements.

▪   How to have great sex after menopause

▪   Oxytocin, the cuddle and bonding hormone.

▪   How using bioidentical hormones can help

▪   Drugs that sabotage your sex life.

▪   How to revive the bored libido.

▪   Mindfulness and sensuality.

▪   Sex after childbirth and children.

▪   The fluctuating forties.

▪   The Libido Quiz.

▪   What if it’s him not me?’

Helpful information:

You can buy ‘The Sex Drive Solution for Women’ by Virginia Hopkins and Jennifer Landa, MD on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle. Remember t6here can be many reasons for a drop in libido from the physical to the emotional and progesterone is known to increase sex drive in women so hormone balance could be a good place to start. Also stress impacts all our physical functions and libido is no different so if you are having a stressful time you might want to look at a combined cream with both progesterone and oestrogen, as this can be effective for anxiety and of course oestrogen helps with vaginal dryness if this also a problem.’t-underestimate-the-effect-of-stress-on-your-hormonal-symptoms/