Best Foods To Boost Libido

Looking for natural ways to boost your libido? These can help increase testosterone and raise your mood.


You may never have considered it, but we diet in order to lose weight or improve our appearance and general health, but you can also focus your diet on helping to boost your libido. If that’s of interest, then read on ..

Oysters are loaded with zinc which, together with progesterone, help women make testosterone to boost your sex drive. It may also help men make more sperm and help those sperm more mobile too.

Not a fan of shellfish? Load up on other foods high in zinc, like beef, pork, fortified cereal, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and yoghurt.

Pomegranates are known as a symbol of fertility and a sex enhancer and drinking pomegranate juice can boost your mood, improve your blood flow, and raise your testosterone levels.

Chocolate is linked with the release of serotonin, a hormone that encourages feelings of happiness and well-being so the mood boost that chocolate can bring may raise your sex drive.

Chocolate also has lots of phenylethylamine, a brain chemical associated with lust and love.

Spinach is not usually thought of as a sexy vegetable, but it can rev up your sex drive in more ways than one.

This leafy green is rich in magnesium, a mineral that can boost your testosterone and has iron, which can help desire, arousal, orgasm, and sexual satisfaction, particularly in women.

Watermelon has plenty of an amino acid called citrulline. Your body turns it into arginine, another amino acid that helps relax your blood vessels.

That can get the blood pumping in your sex organs in women in the same way Viagra works to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Avocado is packed with heart-healthy fats and fibre that can deliver lasting energy and has vitamin B6, which experts say can play a part to ease PMS symptoms like fatigue, bloating, and irritability – which can all help.

Strawberries are a romantic favourite for a reason, and if dipped in dark chocolate could be even more beneficial!

They’re high in vitamin C, which may help rev up your sex drive, boost blood flow, and ease stress and anxiety. It also helps your body release oxytocin, known as the “love” hormone because of its link to sexual arousal and orgasm.

Coffee or tea both deliver a dose of caffeine, which stimulates your nervous system but may be more helpful for men than women as it can  lower their chances of erectile dysfunction, too.

Coffee and tea also give you antioxidants that can help keep you healthy, but not too close to bedtime or it could mess with your sleep.

Maca comes from the Peruvian mountains and has been used for centuries to boost fertility and research suggests that its root can improve sexual desire.

Phytonutrients in the plant may raise sperm count and sexual function as well but remember this herb is an adaptogen so it can increase the effectiveness of other supplements you may be taking.

Often sold as a powder it has a nutty, earthy flavour and you can add it to  yogurt, smoothies, salads, soups, or your baking.

Fatty fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel have plenty of omega-3s. These healthy fats ease inflammation in your body and that can help your sexual health.

If you’re not a fish eater, you can also get omega-3s in flaxseed, chia seeds, and walnuts.

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Unfortunately, there are an awful lot of factors that can affect your libido and sex drive. Not just your hormones, your diet, your relationship but also your levels of stress and anxiety will all have an impact. You may find the following article helpful: