7 Ways To Stay Looking Good – Whatever Your Age

Age is not just a number, it’s an attitude and these tips can help you reflect that.


1. Socialise and get out more

Being with other people may have a bigger effect on your life span than where you live, where you work, and whether you have a partner.

Spending time with friends and family helps with mood and anxiety and definitely is a major contributor to you reflecting a positive image.

2. Find your creativity

There are so many benefits to doing something creative from simply engaging you in a new hobby and making new friends, or discovering you like to write, paint, dance, sculpt – anything else sparks your interest.

Known benefits include you feeling happier, thinking more clearly, and having a better quality of life. If you need an idea, consider acting.

If you are not sure I can highly recommend a book called the Artists Way by Julia Scott Cameron which gives you ideas, daily exercises and a routine in which you might be able to find your creativity.

If that doesn’t appeal look to your local day or evening classes where you can join in a discussion, learn to make jewellery, learn a new language and much, much more.

3. Keep moving

You don’t have to take up a new sport, just do some form of exercise for a couple of hours a week and it will make a real difference to your energy levels and appearance,

Whether you like walking, gardening, dance, yoga or something else if it gets your heart going you will feel the benefit.

Known benefits include keeping your weight down and that helps prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

4. Wear sunscreen

As someone who has sunbathed all her life, and in my younger days would never have dreamed of wearing sunscreen, I am now paying the price in terms of brown spots on the skin so I know have sunscreen in everything from moisturiser to makeup all year round.

Unfortunately, a suntan won’t make you look younger and the sun’s ultraviolet rays cause more than 90% of the damage to your skin, which includes the kind you can see — wrinkles, rough patches, sagging, and skin blemishes.

Sunscreen helps prevent those, and skin cancer, too.

5. Learn something new

Keep challenging yourself, and you may help stop brain decline. Even better, consider a new skill that involves your body.

Dancing is a great example because it allows you to exercise and socialise at the same time, two things that also keep your mind and body young.

Don’t have a partner? Look for forms of dance that don’t require such a Zumba, circle dancing or line dancing – all of which will get your heart rate up and focus your mind on trying to remember the steps!

6. Take care of your teeth

If you don’t each day brush, floss and have a regular routine then your teeth may get yellow, and you can develop gum disease.

That can eat away at your gum line — a telltale sign of age — and is linked to heart disease, stroke, and even pancreatic cancer.

7. Don’t smoke

There are so many reasons to give up smoking but your poor skin suffers first as smoking causes wrinkles. It does this because it narrows your blood vessels and limits the blood that can get to the top layer of your skin.

It also causes cancer, heart disease, and lung disease — none of which make you feel or look young.

Helpful information: 

Looking and feeling good can be helped by knowing you are doing the best you can to take care of yourself, and certainly these tips will help you to do that.

Menopause women often struggle not just with the symptoms but with the mental outlook and anxiety that can often be part of that journey, so do make sure that maintaining hormone balance is also part of your daily agenda.

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