7 Key Foods For A Flatter Belly

Weight gain and bloating are major problems at menopause. As well as using bioidentical natural progesterone to help reduce it, you could add in these other great little helpers.


There is no doubt that this is one topic I get more questions about than anything else.

Unfortunately the hormonal changes that occur at Menopause do lead to women having a more rounded belly as once the ovaries cease production of oestrogen the body shifts to produce it in the fat cells of the abdomen, stomach and thighs – exactly where you don’t want it!

However, getting oestrogen dominance under control and making these simple additions to your diet that have a history of helping to reduce bloating will all help.

1. Lemons have long been used to help dieters and are the best first drink of the day you can have as they are an excellent liver detoxifier.

Recommended by naturopaths and nutritionists for many years is a glass with half a lemon juice in warm water first thing in the morning to prevent fat accumulation.

2. Chia seeds are maybe not part of your everyday diet but are extremely high in fibre and low in calories.

If you want to avoid bloating then their potassium content will help with that and you will find them in your health store and add to smoothies or to your morning muesli.

3. Cucumber is so much part of our salad routine we take it for granted but they are full of nutrients, including Vitamin C, potassium and fibre.

They also act as a natural diuretic, in the same way the bioidentical natural progesterone does, so that you are better able to expel water from your body and reduce that bloated look.

4. Beetroot are another salad staple and it is their potassium levels that are effective in reducing a bloated tummy.

It is an essential element, especially if you are partial to salt, as potassium will counteract the bloating effects of excessive salt in the body, and help to maintain a healthy digestive system.

5. Ginger will help expel gas from your digestive tract and helps calm your stomach, something that often goes along with bloating.

Green tea is also a great health and dietary aid so add some chopped or grated ginger into a mug with your tea.

6. Salmon is recommended on many weight loss regimes as it is so rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

It can help speed your metabolism and also aid in keeping you fuller for longer.

7. Slimming fruits are those that are high in fibre such as pears, bananas and apples so help you feel fuller for longer but eat the peel on the apples and pears for maximum fibre intake.

Also don’t ignore avocados because the vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats you get from them help prevent disease and keep your body in good working order.

They also increase the production of testosterone, a hormone responsible for weight loss in both men and women.

More information

Helping to reduce a flat stomach often needs to start with hormone balance as that is where the body tends to deposit oestrogen at menopause.

Bloating is helped by rebalancing with bioidentical natural progesterone to oppose the excess oestrogen, and in its role as a diuretic to help you by ridding the body of accumulated fluid that can pile on the pounds.

If oestrogen dominance is playing a part in your weight gain and bloating, then this article will also be helpful.