10 Ways to Feel Lighter in Body and Mind

When bloating, tension, or the stress of ongoing health issues is weighing you down these tips can help to restore your energy.


There are times we can all feel ‘dragged down’ whether physically or mentally, and it can help to just change a few thing to see benefit.

Slow down on salt

It’s a long established way to flavour food, but too much is definitely going to affect how you feel.

Bloating is one consequence as too much cannot make your body hold on to water. Plus it plays a role in high blood pressure.

How to help: Choose fresh foods, not canned or processed. Experiment  with other spices to boost flavour, like curry powder, garlic, cumin, and rosemary.

Step up your exercise

When you are feeling down we tend to reach for the quick and easy fix, whether that’s something sweet, some caffeine or alcohol or a cigarette.

A better solution is exercise, and that doesn’t mean you have to go the gym or break a sweat.

How to help: Next time you’re upset, or low just head for the stairs for a quick mood lift.  No stairs? Then go for a quick stroll — even a 10-minute walk can give you a mental boost.

Curb comfort eating

Do you try to eat your stress away? You are certainly not alone, so when things get tense, you may choose comfort foods but when that rush from refined carbs or sugary food recedes, the crash will leave you sluggish.

Plus, those empty calories can quickly add up to extra pounds which won’t that won’t help your health at all.

How to help: Next time you feel anxious, try something different like a piece of fruit, you may find stopping for a moment and taking 10 deep breaths instead will help.

Prioritise sleep

If you are seeing dark circles or bags under your eyes you may want to check your sleep routine.

It does vary, but most of us need 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night to recharge and lower stress.

How to help: If you can’t seem to fall asleep then don’t drink caffeine past noon and avoid workouts within 2 hours of bedtime.

Make your bedroom a sleep-only zone — no TVs, pets, computers, or other things that keep your brain online.

Change matters

It is easy to fall into a rut, whether that is diet, exercise or how you look so mix things up. How doesn’t matter: Update your hairstyle, try a different rout to the supermarket, to family or to work.

If you have a dog then look for a new place to walk – maybe in a new park, if not try adding something new for breakfast, not the usual ones you have.

How to help: Focus on one easy-to-reach change at a time to ensure success. It’ll boost your outlook and your mood.

Walk more

We know exercise boosts mood, but even a little movement can get you in touch with your body and restore your energy. A simple walk help can clear your head.

How to help: Any exercise that involves a bit of meditation — like yoga or tai chi — can recharge both your body and your mind.

Fill up with fibre

Fibre can help you feel fuller faster which means you’ll eat less and lose weight. It also keeps you regular, and it’s good for your heart. It does so much good for you that it can even give you fewer things to be stressed about!

How to help: It also comes in many tasty forms, from oatmeal and whole-grain breads and cereals to fruit such as apples, citrus, strawberries, and vegetables. With so many options, it’s easy to get what your body needs.

Focus on now

Be aware of where you are in the present moment, and what’s happening right now.  It can help you relax and lower your stress. Let go of thoughts about the past or future.

How to help: Focus on this moment. How does the air feel against your skin? How does the pavement feel under your feet? If your mind wanders, bring it back to the here and now.

Check your symptoms 

We’ve all done it — tried to ignore the awful headache, shoulder pain, or cough that just won’t go away. But ongoing health problems can wear you down.

How to help:  Resolve to get your symptoms checked and if you haven’t had a physical in a while, schedule one now.

Boost your brain

One of the most common symptoms that Menopause can be brain fog, and if that sounded to anxiety plus worrying about a lot of things that are going on then you need to do something to give yourself a boost.

How to help:  Do something that gets your brain out of its rut. Really it’s all about stimulating your brain by offering it something new, that might be listening to a podcast on something that interest you but you’ve never investigated, or do a crossword puzzle, join a book club, or take up a new hobby that keeps your mind and body active.

Helpful information: 

All of these are definitely worth trying, to lift to your mood and give you a boost. However if your hormones are also out of balance that will certainly affect you as well so check if you need to pay more attention to hormonal symptoms and what to do to help relieve them.