A Simple Weekly Routine For Applying Your Hormone Cream

Remembering when to apply it, and where, can sometimes be confusing but my simple guide helps make it easier to get the maximum benefit from your bioidentical hormone cream.


It happens to all of us, you read the instructions then you lose them or can’t remember exactly what they said when you need to apply your cream. I devised a simple regime for myself that I thought would be helpful to share with you, and of course you can adapt it to suit your own needs.

First do remember that everyone is different and your response will be unique to you as are your symptoms and their severity. Some women require more hormone cream to help alleviate severe symptoms, while others can use less. However it does make sense that everyone starts off with the same dosage and then monitors their symptoms, so if you are new make sure you start with the recommended double dose twice daily for the first month of use to establish good hormone levels.

After the first month if your symptoms are coming under control you can go on to the maintenance dose of an eighth teaspoon and once they are fully controlled then try cutting back on the amount each month and monitor your symptoms. If your symptoms return then go back to a slightly higher dose as that is what you need at that time and again try cutting down later in a few months.

You start using the cream from days 14-28 of your cycle if menstruating regularly (depending on your cycle length) or for 24 days on and 6 off each month if periods are irregular or stopped. You would stop the cream during the 24 days if you get a bleed and recommence when it stops. This does not apply if you are using the cream for osteopenia or osteoporosis as you need a regular amount daily to maintain bone strength and build new bone.

A simple application routine

All hormone creams should be applied with a light hand, they do not need to be rubbed in vigorously, and the latest findings indicate that it is best to use both thin skinned and fatty tissue areas for maximum hormone absorption.

Suggested sites are: face, neck, palms of the hands, inside of the upper arms, lower back or inner thighs for thin skinned areas and buttocks, lower arms, outer thighs and stomach for slower absorption. These areas are used as they vary in absorption rate. The fatty areas have slower absorption and therefore stay longer in the body, but the thin skinned areas are absorbed faster and are effective sites to use for flushes in particular. So if your flushes are mainly during the day, use the thin skinned area in the morning, but if at night then use the fatty tissue area in the morning.

You also need to apply to a different area each day so you rotate round the body and for maximum effectiveness you get the best coverage if you apply to a thin area in one application and a fatty area in the second one.

That is why my suggested application regime suggests for instance that you apply it twice to your left arm on Monday (upper arm is fatty tissue and lower inside arm is thin tissue) and then work down your body one side and back up the other as in the example below:

Monday left arm lower inside morning and upper arm evening

Tuesday left thigh outside morning and and inside evening

Wednesday left side of stomach morning, left buttock in the evening

Thursday right thigh outside morning and and inside evening

Friday right side of stomach and right buttock as before

Saturday right arm lower inside morning and upper arm evening

Sunday face and neck only, avoiding chest or breast area

An alternative method many women suffering from vaginal dryness, or who have skin absorption problems, find helpful is to apply the cream internally as either the only site to use or as as part of the above regime. This method is particularly recommended by Dr Mercola of the USA and he commented below:

“If you apply the cream to your mucous epithelial membranes that line your uterus and vagina you obtain a virtually ideal administration system. Not only is absorption through these membranes more complete than through your skin, but hormones absorbed through your vaginal membranes enter the very same pelvic plexus of veins that your ovaries normally empty into.”

You will find your own method, but I hope this proves helpful as a place to get started.

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