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Womb cancer at ‘highest level in decades’

Risk factors are connected to hormonal imbalance.


Cancer Research UK has highlighted the disturbing fact that the number of cases of cancer of the womb in the UK has reached a 30-year high. Their recently published study has revealed that more than 7,530 women develop the disease every year.

Hormonal changes in overweight or obese women could be responsible for the high number of cases, as could a drop in the number of pregnancies, experts at the charity suggested. However the major well-known risk factors are all connected to the levels of different hormones in the body and their overall balance.

The charity noted that  “When levels of oestrogen in your body are higher and progesterone is lower, it still lets the cells in the womb grow, and that happening over a long period of time can lead to an increase of womb cancer.” Sounds like a fair description of oestrogen dominance to me, and the results of allowing unopposed oestrogen without the balancing effect of natural progesterone.

It is sad, but not surprising, that oestrogen dominance is still not given enough serious credence by the medical profession as their drive to prescribe HRT rather than any natural alternatives seems undiminished.

I had a conversation recently with a lady who was interested in natural HRT but was told that it was ‘all nonsense’ by her doctor. The lady wanted to change her HRT for something with fewer side effects but the nil side effects option of replacing her HRT with natural hormones was certainly not offered to her.

It’s no wonder that so many women vote with their feet and switch to natural alternatives themselves.