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Articles tagged with: infertility



PCOS – Are You Affected?

I hear from a number of women with PCOS, and the devastating consequences, so if you are not sure about this condition here is some valuable information.


Giving Fertility A Helping Hand

When deciding to have a family it is not always an easy or automatic process. Women need to have good levels of natural progesterone to conceive and to maintain a healthy pregnancy.


Bioidentical Hormones Work Better for Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)

This occurs when the ovaries aren’t working properly and so few, or no, hormones are being produced by the body, but women could benefit from taking bioidentical hormones.


Endometriosis A Cause Of Infertility In 50% Of Women

A condition linked to oestrogen dominance, it can be helped by diet and supplementary bioidentical progesterone to relieve symptoms.