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Summer Solutions For Controlling Weight Gain

You would think it would be simpler to lose weight in summer, no heavy ‘comfort foods’ and lots of healthy fruit and salads, but there are some summer ‘treats’ that can sabotage your diet plan.


Let’s take a look at some popular summer favourites.

1. Ice Cream

Well this may be an all year round treat for you, but in summer we do all tend to eat more to it. Unfortunately, depending on the type, you will be paying a hefty calorie price for it.

Would you believe a good quality ice cream has 500 calories and 25 grams of sugar which is around 6 teaspoons, plus around 7g and 5g of fat.

Try swopping to sorbet as the has no fat and usually only around 80 calories a servicing. True it can contain more sugar but it is made with loads of fruit. But if you really can’t give it up, then opt for those bite size’ bars that come in packs – but only eat one a day!

2. BBQ’s hidden calories

All the normal BBQ foods such as burgers and sausages are high in fat and so are th usual salads that accompany them. If you love your potato salad and coleslaw then swap their mayonnaise for a natural yoghurt dressing for a much better option calorie wise.

If you really can’t give up your burgers go for the leanest beef possible or try minced turkey breast instead. Keep them moist by binding with an egg and some chopped onion for a delicious taste.

For vegetarians a good option is portabella mushroom burgers topped with avocado, tomato, grilled onion, and a slice of cheese and there are some good vegetarian sausages available too to avoid the high fat meat versions.

For a healthier side salad go for cold cooked pasta mixed with tomatoes, courgette, and cooked asparagus with a tasty low calorie dressing and leave it to marinate for several hours.

3. Eating out at home and away

If you are heading off on holiday there are too many opportunities to pick up snacks on the way, whether fast food or something from convenience stores. If you love your fast food just remember the a typical meal can equal more than 1,200 calories – more than half of what most people need for an entire day.

Why not just pack up a picnic with snacks and food for the journey? That way you control the portions, and the calories. Sandwiches, wraps, or what about vegetable sticks with hummus all can be eaten when you make a rest stop.

Careful with your drinks too, as most soft drinks will be high in sugar and calories, and if diet or low-calorie probably also have sweeteners as well.

As it’s summer why not make a thermos of iced tea, black with lemon and honey, or use herbal tea bags with a dash of elderflower cordial – nice and cool and healthy too.

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