Are You At Risk?

There are three major health risks for women, and some simple changes will help reduce that and improve your health.


At risk of what, I can hear you saying? I only ask because every time I open a newspaper, or read a new press release, I am being told I am at risk for something. Whether it is eating too much meat, dairy, chocolate or not enough broccoli, there is a bombardment of ‘news’ that wants to tell us of the latest risk.

What risks need most concern you?

Of course there are many valid health risks, but all ‘new’ findings are best looked at carefully and in relation to how they might affect you.

Smoking, drinking, consuming too much fat, too few vegetables, sun exposure, lack of exercise are among those most commonly mentioned with something new usually popping up each week.

However, some risk factors are known and proven so let’s look at those first and how they might affect you, and the link that is common between all of them – oestrogen dominance.

1. Heart disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women, more even than cancer which tends to be what most of us fear. Oestrogen dominance, HRT/Pill use, family history, being overweight, stressed and lacking in exercise are all contributory factors.

2. Cancer

Again, oestrogen dominance is a factor in hormone-related cancers such as breast and uterine. Balancing any excess oestrogen with progesterone is the best preventive, especially if you have been on long-term HRT or have a family pattern of vulnerability on your mother’s side of the family.

3. Diabetes

The rise of the numbers of overweight people in the population is a major factor and unfortunately for women menopause is usually accompanied by a little, or a lot, of increased weight. This is usually around the middle, which increases the risk factor.

Helpful information:

There is no doubt that the common factor of oestrogen dominance is the one to tackle first to reduce your overall health risk, not just for these three diseases. Finding a diet that suits you, restoring hormone balance, reducing stress and fitting some exercise into your life on a regular basis will all make a major difference.