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7 Anti-Bloating Tips To Help Improve Weight Loss

Night time is critical to help your body lose weight, and bioidentical progesterone is number one to do that, but the others might surprise you.


Just think how nice it would be to go to bed and sleep, knowing your body was working away to help you lose weight. Well actually it is, and if you want to help it do that even more efficiently try using these tips to help you do just that.

Tip 1 – Reduce oestrogen dominance as oestrogen adversely affects cell membranes, resulting in sodium and water influx into cells (causing water retention) and loss of potassium and magnesium. As progesterone is a natural diuretic it helps balance this by helping to reduce weight as excess water is expelled.

Tip 2 – Have a low salt dinner because salt stays in your system overnight, so you wake up puffier than you normally would. A good dinner to avoid this would be steamed vegetables and a lean protein flavoured with herbs, not salt.

Tip 3 – Do some exercise before you go to bed and, despite what you may think, active people are more likely to say they usually get a good night’s sleep and that is essential for weight loss.

Tip 4 – Make up your lunch for the following day, because the average restaurant meal contains more than twice the number of calories you should be consuming in one sitting, according to a 2013 study. If you already have prepared a healthy, low calorie, option – and who has time to do that in the morning – then you won’t wreck your diet at lunchtime.

Tip 5 – Drink lots of water because it flushes out your system, which helps you get rid of any water you’re retaining. But make the most of this during the day to avoid lots of night time trips to the bathroom and make sure your last drink is at least one hour before bedtime.

Tip 6 – Make sure your bedroom is really dark and cool as
 melatonin can help your body produce more calorie-burning brown fat, according to an animal study published last year in Journal of Pineal Research. You can only produce melatonin in complete darkness so make sure your room is light-free to boost weight loss.

Trying to keep cool is something that comes naturally to most menopausal women, but a National Institute of Health Clinical study found that people who slept in a 66F room burned seven percent more calories than those whose bedroom was a much warmer 75F.

Tip 7 – Keep your gut healthy is key to helping reduce bloating and a good probiotic may be the answer for that. It is known to help with conditions such as best food sources are yoghurt, Kefir a fermented probiotic milk drink, Sauerkraut and Miso.

If you want some more help then a supplement, VSL#3 is the world’s most concentrated poly-biotic, containing 450 billion bacteria per sachet.  It is also good for IBS and Jill- a weight loss coach and nutritionist- reported that her  nutritionist recommended it and she started to see the benefits within literally a few days.   For more information visit

Helpful information

Bloating is not just uncomfortable, but affects how you feel about yourself as clothes are tight and you need help often to shift this. Tackling oestrogen dominance would be the first step and here’s more information to deal with this condition: